The Magic Seal

The Magic Seal 1.2

Ancient soft brings to us another classic arcade games
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Ancient soft brings to us another classic arcade games.
As usual in this kind of games, use the arrow key to move around, and step over an item to pick it. You must use drills and hammers to break horizontals layers, picks and scoop to breaks verticals layers and to dig the breakable tiles to reach Gold, grab the gold and get to the exit. You must use knives and boomerangs to stop the mummies, be careful with them, never stay dead for long, and they can jump, roll and turn into stone. Stones can be moved to reach items, block mummies and fill holes. You can dig under stones to make them fall. Some tiles are invisible(they are hidden behind the gold), and others can appear unexpectedly during play. Some ladder and floors are limited use before disappear. If there is no adjacent room in a given direction, then you can move from one side of a room to another through the walls or move from the bottom to the top of a room through the floors, use F3 to see all the rooms in a level. If you get stuck, you can press F5 to restart the level, and if can't pass the level, press F8 to see the solution replay for that level. Use the Level Editor to get more fun, is very easy to use. You can press F3 to see the stage map to think a head the solution of the level, also you can press F8 to see the full solution of the current stage.
You will definitely enjoy the great, colorful and cheerful graphics of the game. You will feel like you are living in an ancient Egyptian atmosphere because of the great music themes.
Also it has support for various languages, English (US), french, Italian and German
This original game brings you good memories and a lot of fun.

Review summary


  • Nice audio and music
  • Easy to understand


  • Poor graphics
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